Ignite Your Child's Learning Journey with Safari Kid

In a fast paced ever-changing world, Safari Kid delivers a Research-Rich curriculum, designed to fast track children to learning. The curriculum focus not only on literacy and numeracy but all on other important domain of learning like, social development, emotional development, physical development and cognitive development including critical logical thinking.

Our school are designed with ample play areas for children to learn to through free, semi-structured and structured play. The purpose designed environment fosters trust amongst all stake holders makes our students blossom and share freely. Our Large well-lit and ventilated classrooms, large outdoor play area with water and sand play welcomes children to explore and learn, with most children asking to go to school even on weekends.

Eclectic curriculum blends best practices from Reggio-Amelia, Waldorf, Montessori among others and eastern philosophies of learning proving your child the best, traditional as well modern research rich curriculum. Our Socratic method of teaching fosters discussions, high engagement and active learning It boosts confidence amongst the young minds as they know that their voices and ideas are heard and respected. Fostering leadership and out of box thinking, our students form a positive relationship with the idea of education, creating a life-long love for learning.

Help mold better human beings for a brighter tomorrow.

At Safari Kid, we aim to create carefully carved pathways to lifelong success for every child.

Safari Kid's rich, eclectic environment and curriculum encourages children to confidently explore and interact with materials, while also stimulating communication between peers and adults.

Consider the following while making a choice for your child's preschool or after school.

Safari Kid Considers the Whole Child
  • We focus on academic, social, emotional, and physical development.
  • Children are encouraged to learn through play.
  • Children learn to identify their emotions, develop healthy self-esteem, and express feelings.
  • Semi-structured days allow for exploration of space, socialization, and development of language skills.
Safari Kid Builds Relationships
  • Highly qualified, caring staff create a nurturing environment for all children to thrive.
  • Our teachers spend many hours in training to ensure they are well-prepared to provide excellent service to you and your child.
  • Parents, you are encouraged to participate and collaborate with teachers so you are actively involved in your kids’ education.
Safari Kid Delivers a Research-Rich Curriculum
  • Our programs are based on research and best practices for early childhood education.
  • We prepare children to excel in kindergarten with a solid educational foundation.
  • Our Ex-students are thriving in elementary school and beyond. Be it IB, IGCSE, ICSE or CBSE our children easily integrate into any curriculum or learning philosophy.
Our state-of-the-art facilities are always clean and well-maintained.
  • Highly qualified, caring staff create a nurturing environment for all children to thrive.
  • The organization and modern feel of our facilities make for an environment in which your child will feel encouraged to explore.
  • All of our facilities are safe and richly resourced for both indoor and outdoor play.
  • Inspired by Reggio Emilia's philosophy of “environment is the third teacher,” our spaces are designed with a specialized science behind them.

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